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Aion White Day 2014 Aion celebrates White Day! White Day is a special Asian (Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese) day, similar to Valentine’s Day.

Class of the week: Spiritmaster! : aion - reddit Uh, Spiritmasters. I love Spiritmasters. My first Twinked Toon is an SM. Sadly, they will be nerfed hard with the upcoming 4.8 patch, regardless some things I'd like to get out there.So many terrible SMs out there - which is sad, because SMs are one of the best DPS classes in the game and definitely the best pure ranged DPS.. Use your pets! I've seen way too many SMs diregarding their pets. Aion 2.5 - Pet Changes - Aion - MMOsite GameZone Aion 2.5 - Pet Changes Note: Pack pets share the same inventory as other pack pets of the same capacity (All 6-slot pets share, all 12-slot pets share, etc). ... It will not pick up any untradeable items, those that require a dice roll, or if the loot setting is Free-For-All. Hot Keys . The 2.5 update introduced the option to set hot keys ... Aion Leveling Guide 1-50 Aion Bot, Aion Hack, Aion bots

[Release] Aion Dupe Method For Stackable Items (Working)

Sold - WTS asmo female LvL 65 sorc Anuhart EU. LVL 21 ... WTS asmo female LvL 65 sorc Anuhart EU. LVL 21 veteran over 3.5k hours of GP. Only for 85 Euros PvP set: +15 Archon Commander's Tome(Full ma 14) fused...

use this post to discuss and get help locations maps rewards npcs hints tips info strategy guide walkthru for the aion Asmodian quest Materials for 100-slot Cube in Pandaemonium Temple of Gold from Nekorunerk.

Černým koněm mezi korejskými online RPG je 4Story. Nad konkurencí nevyniká graficky, protože stejně jako 4Story je zdarma například i Aion a starší Lineage 2,.. Fenomén Free 2 Play – Free 2 play, někdy také označován jako Freemium je obchodní systém, poskytující jakýsi základ produktu každému hráči zcela zdarma.

style="">Level 13, Wind Spirit. The Wind Spirit is a cute little bugger that looks more like a Pokemon than a pet. This little guy will dole out quick damage, but

Onyxeva's Journal | DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. - Jdeme hráčům naproti Počítačové hry, výrazné slevy. Počítačové hry pro PC, Playstation 4, PS3, Xbox One, XBOX 360, Nintendo Switch. Vše pro hráče od triček přes klíčenky a kšiltovky až po sběratelské figurky.

Oct 05, 2016 · [Aion 5.3] Внешний вид новых питомцев 1) Эмбрион пса-рыцаря Тома - 2) Эмбрион

Aqua Griffo pet – How to feed your hungry Aion pet Aqua Griffo pet is a part of the 12 month veteran reward package. This cute pet eats only items that actually say ‘ensouled’ in the title like: Ensouled Armor, Ensouled Boggart Cloak, Ensouled Chakranta Fragment, Ensouled Fragment, Ensouled Mugolem Fragment or Ensouled Petrahulk Fragment.